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YB-H20 Portable baby feeding chair

YB-H20 Portable baby feeding chair

YB-H1106 Baby high chair

YB-H1106 Baby high chair

Baby high chair YB-H1103

Baby high chair YB-H1103

WHO IS Babilous

For Baby,For Love

Babilous is a brand about two loves, first babies, the second is motherhood. When we were young mothers we didn’t have the luxury to afford nor buy high quality baby products. We struggled through this phase of terrible quality baby products for years and our babies at the time didn't know a thing about it, but a mother knows that feeling you have inside when you can't give your children the best. We never want any mother to have to make that compromise ever again.

We created a sisterhood of mothers here at Babilous there is just something about a group of mom's lugging around a 9.5 lb newborn that just makes us all relate. We all wanted the best for our children and we're a brand that delivers at to the highest standards every time. Why? Because we CARE. We care more than the other guys to the point where we take 0 chances. Every single aspect of our product is built with the highest standards in mine. If we wouldn't want our children using it, we won't bring to our clients. It's that simple.

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  • We don’t take risks, if its not worth our baby, we won’t use it
  • We check, check and check again, no 2nd chances given
  • We always make sure to deliver what we mean


  • Our reputation is made or lost with one faulty product
  • We don’t make mistakes because we know the risk is way too high
  • We always want to make sure our clients and their clients rest at ease


  • We know the pressure you face in your market and know you need help
  • We know that we need to deliver every single detail at the highest level to you
  • We want you to feel assured that we are here for you

Why Choose Us

Babilous has been operating for many years and has many partners abroad. In-depth market and product experience are our greatest value.


The plant area is about 5000m2 provide better production.


Have a professional sales team,provide faster and better service for customers.


We have many pantente products,and we also constantly improve the quality of our product and new product research and development.


"Every product got the Europe standard at least,and test by the TUV or SGS.Advanced production machines and testing equipment ensure better and fast production."


"All the products are designed based on the standard. Before open the tooling,The structures are confirmed before make mould."

After Sale

We only provide the highest quality goods avaliable,accompanied by after sales support!


"We hire only seasoned, professional technicians with at least 5-10 years’ experience and usually many more. Each new technician and staff member will have 5-7 days of training about our company's production process and quality requirements before starting the job."

About Us


We’re Babilous. We’ve been dealing with the design and manufacturing of baby products for many years. Our concept focus on THE CARE PLAN which has allowed us to deliver products with high quality, safety design, affordable price and so on to our customers. This lethal trio is embedded in to the core of our brand and is what allows to be one of the leading baby product manufacturer and supplier in the world. Our business, experience, and technology is built on a foundation of baby product expertise we’ve built over years. Through a combination of years of hard work and experience we’ve been able to bring you the Babilous brand you see today that a great number of customers have grown to benefit from. What Babilous does for customers is special, and we want to share this with you.

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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients